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They Need Those Stinking Badges.

November 12, 2010

This sounds a little too crazy to be true… but the Milwaukee County Sheriff, David A. Clarke, got a 5-cornered star tattoo and then decided that the county’s Sheriff Office logo featuring a 7-cornered star had to go – replacing it with the 5-cornered star seen below…

Obviously, changing the logos on all of the vehicles, print materials, and uniforms was cheaper and more convenient that getting the tattoo altered.  Right?

In all seriousness, it will cost Milwaukee taxpayers $37,000.00 just to replace all of the badges!


Vanity Sizing for Men

November 11, 2010

A little background before we jump in:  I’m a costume designer and I spend a lot of time measuring men’s waists and inseams and then attempting to buy them pants that fit the way I want them to.  And so, I find myself constantly trying to explain the convoluted “rules” to commercial garment sizing to men (especially when they are horrified that their pants-waist measured 35 inches “No, no!  You measured that wrong.  I’m a 32.”)

Ahh… finally, an article to back me up!

Esquire posted “Are Your Pants Lying To You? An Investigation” on their Style Blog.  And in short, if you think that number is a measurement in inches… then, yes. Your pants are indeed lying to you.  …or rather, their manufacturer is.

Image from Esquire:

Everyone knows that women’s commercial sizes have been, err…, shall we say…, adjusted for inflation.  But for some reason, menswear thought it was exempt.  Men now have their own Spanx and pantyhose, so why shouldn’t they have to debate whether they’re actually a 34 or a 38 at Old Navy just like everyone else.

No Shoes, No Shirt, …No Golfing?

November 10, 2010

In some circles, a man taking off his shirt during a sports game marks the height of really getting into the game.  But not in Saskatoon, Canada!  (and maybe not ever in golf…)  But in either case, a shirtless golfer prompted a dress code to be written for the local course.

“I think it’s just a matter of being courteous to people. There’s appropriate clothes to wear for all seasons. . . . Right now, because we don’t have a dress code, staff can’t do anything about it,” said City Council Member Bev Dubois.

I’ve never felt personally affronted by how some one else adorns their body.  (After all, they’re not dressing me.)  But while we’re making laws that forced people to be ‘courteous’ to each other, I have a few that offend me more than shirt-wearing:

  • holding the door for the person right behind you
  • washing hands after sneezing and covering coughs
  • letting someone know if you’re running late

…to name a few…

Nude Brawl

November 1, 2010

Nudes are feuding in the “Naked City” of Cap de’Agde, France.

The decency of the “traditional” nudists is offended by the “libertine” swingers who have taken over the beaches.

Nudists generally don’t have a place in mainstream society – if you could walk around naked anywhere there would be no need for nudist colonies or nude beaches.  So it seems ironic that such an unconventional group could get so bent out of shape about another misfit group trying to find a place to practice their equally unconventional activities.

Just like nudists don’t force the rest of us to strip down to our natural state, neither do swingers force us to check into partner-swapping hotels.  So lets all relax.

The REAL Fashion Police Strike Again!

October 29, 2010

The mayor of an Italian resort town, Luigi Bobbio, has ordered police to literally fine women for wearing skirts that are too short or exposing too much cleavage (up to €300).

First off – any law that is enforced only on one gender is beyond questionable in my book.

Secondly – cleavage is completely dependent on body shape!  And law enforcement should never be based on body shape.

Several librarians at my high school had a similar ‘law’ that was only ‘enforced’ within the library walls… as they so aptly put it: busty girls had to wear higher necked shirts than flat chested girls.

The ‘best’ part of all of this is Luigi’s description of how police officers will know if a woman is wearing something too skimpy:

“They won’t need to carry out checks up close, one glance will be enough to judge.”

So wrong.

Ukrainian Tailors Must Be Busy!

October 28, 2010

It’s not often that the following two issues, together, prompt a government-wide dress code:

1. Women’s outfits are too flashy.

2. Men wear the same ensembles two days in a row.

But so is the case in Ukraine…  Where, obviously, the men need to take some dressing tips from the ladies!  They’ve limited the choices to navy or gray suits and shoes with low heels – for everyone.

Did the dress code really improve Ukraine’s public image?  Now, I just feel like the new thing I know about Ukraine’s government is that some men don’t wear clean clothes…

Sweaty Business

October 27, 2010

The NBA is cracking down on their dress code.  Players can no longer wear their sweat bands upside down.  I mean, seriously, selling ad space on that head band made tons of money for the league, so get it straight!