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CODE BREAKERS: Bernard Berrian

November 22, 2010

You have to respect someone who takes the time to express their individual style and doesn’t let it get in the way of their work.

Isn’t that usually the main issue (some) people have with stylish, good-looking people – assuming that inordinate effort is being taken to make them look so good, effort that could go towards the common good of society!  (In reality, truly self-indulgent activity doesn’t do much for one’s physic… tv watching, pigging out on junk foods…)

So, it’s always nice to see the perfect mix of individual style choices and performance without any chance of accusations that one is getting in the way of the other!

Bernard Berrian, receiver for The Vikings, wore yellow cleats in a game rather than the approved black or purple shoes.  …please…  I mean, what’s the big deal!  Yellow even matches his uniform!!

Plus, The Vikings won, with more than a little help from Berrian.

But whatever.  He still has to pay the $5,000.00 fine.  (Granted, for a football player that’s not much…)

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