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Vanity Sizing for Men

November 11, 2010

A little background before we jump in:  I’m a costume designer and I spend a lot of time measuring men’s waists and inseams and then attempting to buy them pants that fit the way I want them to.  And so, I find myself constantly trying to explain the convoluted “rules” to commercial garment sizing to men (especially when they are horrified that their pants-waist measured 35 inches “No, no!  You measured that wrong.  I’m a 32.”)

Ahh… finally, an article to back me up!

Esquire posted “Are Your Pants Lying To You? An Investigation” on their Style Blog.  And in short, if you think that number is a measurement in inches… then, yes. Your pants are indeed lying to you.  …or rather, their manufacturer is.

Image from Esquire:

Everyone knows that women’s commercial sizes have been, err…, shall we say…, adjusted for inflation.  But for some reason, menswear thought it was exempt.  Men now have their own Spanx and pantyhose, so why shouldn’t they have to debate whether they’re actually a 34 or a 38 at Old Navy just like everyone else.

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