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Keep Those Tummies Tucked!

August 30, 2010

I must admit that this is not a style that I was familiar with:

Men rolling up their shirts to cool off their bellies in the hot Chinese summers.

…but just as I am being introduced to this oddly practical style, the Chinese are so sick of the ‘bang ye’ (or the ‘exposing grandfathers’) that they’ve created a social campaign to show the men how ridiculous they look!

“I don’t know, it just feels cooler,” says Hu, a ‘bang ye.’ “Look, you just shake your shirt to create a breeze. I don’t see anyone laughing at me.”

Ads in news papers and billboards are all well and good when trying to promote social change.  But there’s nothing quite like personal criticism from loved ones…:

“It lowers Beijing’s standing as an international city,” 21-year-old, Qi Tong says. “I go without a shirt sometimes at home, but never in public. If my dad reaches for his shirt when I’m out with him, I threaten to go home. It’s just too embarrassing.”

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