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Nothing Worse Than Red and Blue

August 27, 2010

School dress codes always seem to be the most random.  I always wonder how the administrators decide what is “appropriate” or what could be considered a “gang symbol.”  Mostly, I’ve come to the conclusion that it ends up being pretty arbitrary.

For example, the Adele Harrison Middle School in Vallejo, CA bans red or blue clothing.  Supposably because red and blue can be associated with gangs…

(I mean, aren’t red and blue kind of the staple colors for most 12-year-old boys’ wardrobes?)

In any case, Dean Martin was sent home when he wore the city’s fire department t-shirt on September 11th of last year in honor of fire fighters that died.

I think all rules-of-dress are pretty ridiculous, but the sort that leave no room for common sense or personality are the worst.

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