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Dress Code Suit

August 16, 2010

Four men are suing the Cordish Company for “institut[ing] a policy to exclude African-Americans from a public area and restaurant by enforcing a dress code against minorities.”

A group of friends went out to the Kansas City Power and Light District, a shopping and entertainment center developed and run by the Cordish Company, to celebrate a job promotion.

The men were asked to leave because their clothing violated the dress code; they were wearing polo shirts and jeans.

The group filed complaints with Kansas City’s Human Relations Department, and found that they were not alone in their “dress code violations.”  Due to the sheer number of complaints the City decided to conduct their own research.

Eleven men of varying race were sent to the Kansas City Power and Light District wearing varying clothing.  Of those 11, all of the white guys were allowed in, even the ones who were wearing clothing that violated the dress code!  …but, of course, 4 African-American men and 3 Hispanic men were barred entrance because their clothing was deemed “too baggy” by the bouncers.

So, the four men are filing a class action law suit against the Cordish Company.

Since so many dress codes are used to thinly veil racism, lookism, and classism, it’s wonderful that these guys can bring a little light to the issue.  And hopefully change things for the better.

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