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The NEW Vatican Cover Up!

August 5, 2010

Nope, not a new cover up of the latest priestly scandal – the Vatican is cracking down on “improperly dressed” tourists!

The Pope’s private army, the Swiss Guards, are stopping short-wearing men, tank-topped and mini-skirted women, giving them the option of covering up or leaving the City State.

Two things before we go further.  The Pope has a private army?  …not just a police force, but an army?!  It’s not surprising, but it had never occurred to me.  And secondly, have you ever seen a photo of the Swiss Guards??  Holy cow!  They look like they’ve stepped out of a bad production of Romeo and Juliet. And these poor guys want people to take them seriously when they try to enforce a dress code.  I hope the Pope pays them well.

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