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Avartars Mimic Real Life

July 29, 2010

…and all this time I thought that having an avatar was about being who you wanted to be without the constraints of genes …or reality.

As it turns out, the vast majority of people on Second Life and other virtual communities actually choose avatars with traits similar to their own.  (You really can’t get away from the dress code you create for yourself!)

A study published in Psychology and Marketing by Dr. H. Onur Bodur of Concordia University shows that certain avatar traits can tell a lot about the human behind the screen.  Basically you’re likely to choose an avatar that is your gender and age, wears a style (and facial expression) like you do, and is about as attractive as you are in real life. …that is, if you’re in a situation where you need to choose an avatar…

Lucky for those advertisers who can now pin point the real demographic when they try out new products and ad campaigns in Second Life.

Personally, this is the look I would choose:

Damn.  I didn’t fool you, did I…

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