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Take a Look at the Ambercombie & Fitch “Look Policy”

July 26, 2010

Nearly all clothing retailers have a dress code that includes personal appearance.  And while this makes perfect sense for marketing and image purposes, most of the time the actual rules just seem ridiculous.  Here are my favorites from Ambercrombie & Fitch’s “Look Policy!”

  • Employees should “look great” and should still represent their “individuality”

I thought the whole point of shopping at Ambercrombie was to blend in and look “main-stream.”  And I think the first rule of dressing “uniquely” is not shopping at the mall.

  • Employees may have tattoos if the image “represents the Abercrombie” look

A lot of thought should go in to the decision to get a tattoo, but somehow whether or not you’ll have a summer job working at Ambercrombie at some point in your future doesn’t really make it in there…  Not to mention that while tattoos are relatively permanent, companies change their dress codes with the norms of the times – leaving you guessing at what the rules will be in 5 years.

  • Employees must ask the store manager to determine “appropriate” colors for toenail polish.

…ah, yes.  My favorite kind of rule.  The ones that leave it up to one person’s opinions on color.

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