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Iran and FIFA’s Dress Codes Gets In The Way Of The Game…

July 16, 2010

The 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore are fast approaching for Iran’s Girl’s Soccer Team, especially considering that their uniforms are tied up in a political (and religious) debate!

After FIFA banned the previous uniforms because they included a hejab (FIFA bans all religious and political symbols from the field), the team attempted to compromise.  The new uniforms, which were revealed last week, include a long sleeve shirt, long pants, knee socks, and a cap to act as a hair covering.   Unfortunately, now a top female official of Iran’s physical education department is calling the new uniforms “inappropriate.”

What a lame reason to miss a competition.  Both FIFA and Iran are making these girls’ clothing an issue where there really wouldn’t be an issue.  Learned symbolism aside, what real difference is there between a fabric head covering that is sewn in a cap shape, or a fabric head covering that is wrapped in a hejab shape?  Both sides need to step back a little bit and maybe even see things from the other side’s perspective.  And realize that they’re keeping a group of teenage girls from playing soccer because of an argument over sewing or wrapping.

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