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“Blushing” Bras

June 16, 2010

Just in case blushing wasn’t embarrassing enough on its own, now you can wear a bra that gives your cleavage a boost when you flirt.

The new Smart Memory Bra from Lisca Lingerie senses flirtation via body temperature changes and inflates when things “heat up.”  (And conveniently deflate when you lose interest…)

Personally, I’m not sure what I’d do if I caught a glimpse of someone’s breasts moving on their own…

And I think the sensation of my undergarments moving on their own volition would probably sufficiently distract me from whatever conversation I was trying to have.  …um, I’m sorry, where was I? I’d also want to make sure that they inflated with the right kind of body temperature change…  Not while running to catch a cab… or when accidentally spilling coffee down my blouse…  or while holding a friend’s baby.  Those would all be very bad times to grow cleavage all of a sudden.

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  1. melinageekly permalink
    July 12, 2010 12:42 pm

    Haha, oh my gosh. That is they craziest idea for a bra ever. I agree, this just seems like a sure way to make people stare at your breasts uncomfortably. “Uhm… did your boobs just…. grow?” *awkward*

    xo, Melina

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