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These Prision Uniforms are Criminal

June 11, 2010

We’ve all noticed how popular jumpsuits have become lately.

So it’s not surprising that officials in Cleveland County, Oklahoma wanted to change their prison uniform from the now popular jumpsuit to something so garish that no grown human would wear willingly in public.

Rhett Brunett, Cleveland County’s Undersheriff, notes that the old uniforms looked similar to medical scrubs and were the same color orange as one of the local high school’s team colors – making it difficult to catch escaped convicts.

So logically the County decided on hot-pink shirts and yellow and white striped pants for the new uniforms.  As Burnett said they just “wanted something identifiable that couldn’t be duplicated.”  …err… and maybe they also wanted to create an ensemble that no one would want to be caught dead wearing it outside.  I think they may have succeeded.

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