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Ignorance Isn’t Always Blissful…

June 10, 2010

It seems like a wonderful idea to have kids in a Catholic high school visit a local mosque to promote “community cohesion,” right?  Learning to respect and understand other religions and cultures generally leads to a wider world-view and more compassion and understanding in human relationships.  …not to mention a better understanding of world religions.

You probably think that, that is unless you’re Michelle Davies, mother of a fourteen year old student, who refused to let her daughter attend a class field trip when she heard that her daughter would have to cover her hair and wear pants while inside the mosque they were visiting.  After refusing to dress for the trip (and therefore not allowed to enter the mosque), the student was marked absent.

“It’s like they’re putting a gun to your head – either you go to a mosque, or you’re marked down as an unauthorized absence on your record – that’s it no two ways about it,”  the mother said.  “It’s like they are saying she is playing truant for not wearing a head scarf. If the trip had been without the leggings and the headscarf, that would have been fine but I wasn’t having my daughter dressed in the Muslim way.”  And she added “I also fail to see how a three-hour trip to a mosque is of any educational value to a Catholic when she can learn about the Muslim faith in the classroom.”

Holy cow!!  This is precisely why people need to learn about other faiths!
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