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BAD ADVICE: What to Wear on a Blind Date

June 4, 2010
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These gems are from an article on “dating dress codes” for blind dates…:

A woman can never have too many pairs of smart black trousers…”

You can never have too many pairs of black pants?  Really? Wouldn’t just one or two suffice?  I mean, black pants are all kind of basically the same.  They’re black.  Why not mix it up a bit?

One of the most of great consequence things that you need to realize about the dating dress code is that you should always be overdressed rather than underdressed and by this I mean wearing enough clothing.”

Actually, I think overdressed means dressed-up, not overly-dressed in too many layers…

My biggest problem with the article, is that not once was personality brought up!  I mean, it’s a blind date right?  These people have never met each other before – wouldn’t you want to say something about yourself in the way you dress.  Maybe “I’m neat and organized” or “I loud and colorful” or whatever…  Clothing is the best place to start with first impressions – so why not use it!

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  1. pumpkincat210 permalink
    July 12, 2010 9:50 am

    The second date is when you shock your date by wearing a leopard print mini dress and 6 inch lucite heels, that is if you pass the first in the black trousers you have 3 pairs of.

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