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Don’t Be a Chicken

June 1, 2010

I often wonder how dress codes are formed.  Especially the most outlandish ones.  And now we have the perfect example:

Chicken suits are no longer allowed in Nevada polling places.

Chicken suits were banned after Nevada Republican Sue Lowden suggested that people could just barter with medical care providers if they weren’t able to pay them in cash.   You know, like when “our grandparents would bring a chicken to the doctor.”  Odd that she’d choose “grandparents” and not great- or great-great-grandparents, because as a 20-something, and a member of the least-insured demographic in America, I am more than certain that my grandparents never took a chicken to the doctor.  Though, obviously there are several things she’s out-of-touch on, so generations are probably the least of our worries.

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