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No “Startling or Unusual” Hair Cuts

May 15, 2010

The Mesquite school district in Texas says no “extreme faux mohawks.”  …not sure what they mean by that?  They’re not either.  But the basic message is: “If a student is going to be messing with his hair more than studying it’s not OK,” as Associate Superintendent Cathy Rideout says.

This school district is known for their strict dress codes.  Earlier this year a student was sent home for wearing skinny jeans, and several other parents have complained that their children were disciplined for wearing tight pants.

In another well-known incident a preschooler was removed from his class because his hair was too long, being taught by an aide rather than with the rest of his classmates.  (What message is that sending?!!)

But, those kids will be relieved to know that come fall there’s a new, more relaxed dress code!  …well… it doesn’t actually address any of the controversial issues: hair-dos, tight pants, or how long a four-year-old boy’s hair can be…  but, hey! now you can wear any color of socks, shoes, or belt you want.

I’m sure those kids will be very impressed.

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