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CODE BREAKER: Andrea Simoneau

May 11, 2010

Andrea Simoneau, 22, organized Farmington, Maine’s First Topless March for Gender Equity.

In fact it’s not illegal for women to be topless in Maine (or Ohio, New York, Hawaii, Texas or Colorado), where clothing laws are the same for both men and women.  The Topless March’s main goal was to normalize toplessness, and both women and men participated.

Unfortunately along with making breasts more acceptable, it also brought awareness to a law that, eh, more conservative people may take issue with.  Though I would like to note that the law just makes it possible to go around topless and does not force you to…

Two Republican law makers, Sen. Walter Gooley and Rep. Lance Harvell, are quickly looking into ways to make female toplessness illegal in Maine.  But, you know, it’s tough because as Harvell says “none of us wants to see a teenage boy playing basketball outside get arrested.”  But 22-year-old college students are fair game.  Or a mother breastfeeding her child.  (Yes, in some places in the US you can still get arrested for that.)

A bystander, Tamica Gilford, said “I am all for [marching topless], but anyone who has a child here is an unfit parent.  There should be a rule against that.”  Um, wait.  Have people forgotten the actual point of breasts?

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