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Derelicte Returns (For Real…)

May 7, 2010

Even the most lax dress code is in place to keep people from looking like they’re homeless.

But then there are those who try to look homeless…

…like Vivienne Westwood, who debuted her new “homeless chic” line this winter in Milan to the horror of many designers and most social workers.

(Really?  I’m often a fan of overly literal designs, but was the shopping cart really necessary?!)

And then there are those who are homeless…

…like so-called “Brother Sharp”, a “vagabond” in China who has been unwittingly made an overnight style icon by thousands of online fans.   (I mean, “vagabond” totally sounds so much hipper than homeless, right?!)This is how fashion gets a bad name.  Can’t we just appreciate good style without co-opting it and diminishing the real people (with real lives) that wear it?

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