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All Dressed Up and No One to Throw

May 3, 2010

Clothing manufacturer Hoelzer Reich is banned from WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) for their controversial designs featuring Nazi symbols.

For the vast population that isn’t familiar with cage fighting… two people duke it out using any/all martial arts techniques they know – the goal is to see which martial art wins (and, I guess, which fighter…)  (I.e. the human version of: If Batman and Spiderman got into a fight, who would win?)

For a long time cage fighting didn’t have many rules.  But, lines need to be drawn somewhere, right?  Apparently cage fighting costumes can’t be too violent.  And since there aren’t many rules on how to fight, it seems that clothing is a good, safe place to set some ground rules without taking any of the blood (err, I mean, fun) out of the game.

And, as is generally the case when people want to wear racist clothing, it comes down to family and cultural history…

Hoelzer Reich made an official statement, saying that their designers come from a “love for apparel and design and [the] desire to create a bad ass line of apparel that represents our family heritage and interest in MMA [Mixed Martial Arts]… Our interest in the Iron Cross and German history comes strictly from a historical and ancestral standpoint.”

Why does that logic work so often?!

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