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Rules Are Less Annoying When They’re Consistent.

April 30, 2010

Nearly every school in the US bans gang-related clothing.  The “gang-related” label can cover anything from what you can/can’t wear on your head; the location of your pants waist; logos, colors, and textile patterns that are permitted; and even how your shirt is buttoned.  In fact, most school dress codes at least ostensibly stem from gang clothing.

The FBI classifies a gang as “a criminal enterprise having an organizational structure, acting as a continuing criminal conspiracy, which employs violence and any other criminal activity to sustain the enterprise.”  …not unlike the former Confederate States of America, right?

The ban against gang-gear is rarely ever questioned.  But when a student (particularly a blonde, girl-student: Candice Hardwick) wants to go against her school dress code to wear Confederacy-related clothing in a so-called attempt to celebrate her family and cultural history it makes the news and gets a long-running court case.

So why does white/racist “culture” get more representation than urban minority/gang “culture”?  Doesn’t a student whose family was part of a gang have the right to represent where she’s come from just as much the student whose family was part of the Confederacy?

I’m not supporting gang-related clothing, obviously high schools attempt to ban specific styles of clothing that are tied to gangs in order to control gang violence and tension at school.  …and I’m also not supporting Confederacy-related clothing, since the “Southern Cross,” not surprisingly, tends to cause racial violence and tensions…  I’d just like there to be some consistency.

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