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The Laws That Govern Style…

April 18, 2010

Some dress codes are suggestions, and others are the law.


Women cannot wear patent-leather shoes in Cleveland, OH.

In Mobile, AL you must apply for a special permit in order to wear shoes with more than a 1.5″ heel.

You cannot be barefoot near strangers in Mississippi.

Men may not wear shoes with heels more than 2.25″ high while in prison in Iowa.  (Heels and jumpsuits are pretty popular right now…)


Suspenders are banned from Nogales, AZ.

Hat pins are considered “concealed weapons” in Chicago, IL.  (Really, isn’t that “open carrying”?)


In Helena, MT women are not allowed to dance on bar tables unless they are wearing at least 3 lbs, 2 oz of clothing.  (Excuse me, Miss, you’re going to have to take off all your clothes and let me weigh them before you get back up on that bar…)

In Tuscon, AZ women cannot wear pants.

In Kentucky, women are not allowed to wear a swimsuit near a highway unless they carry a club, or are with at least two police officers.  (I love that you have to be armed in order to wear something!)

Women aren’t allowed in public without their corsets on in Norfolk, VA.

In Deadwood, SD women must keep their ankles covered at all times.  (Evil, evil lady ankles!!!)


Women may not cut their hair without their husband’s permission in Michigan.  (This is actually because he owns your hair in Michigan…)

In Alabama any men (or woman, for that matter) who causes distraction by wearing a fake mustache in church is subject to arrest.

All men in Brainerd, MN must grow beards.

In Massachusetts men must first obtain a special permit before growing a goatee.

Random ones:

Watch out Brides-to-Be!  You can be arrested in Joliet, IL for trying on more than 6 dresses in one store.

It is illegal to wear an alligator costume in the state of Louisiana.

Men can’t go outside wearing a jacket and pants that don’t match in Carmel, NY.

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