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Fashionable Law(yers)?

April 17, 2010

Apparently, lawyers are particularly susceptible to wearing inappropriate clothing.  How often have you seen a lawyer walking around dressed like this (at least around the end of October…)?To put an end to these rampant, inappropriate styles, and bring back some respect to the title of Lawyer, last week the Chicago Bar Association held a “What Not To Wear Fashion Show.”  Law student models sported various fashion faux-pas while a panel of judges critiqued their outfits and gave the audience helpful advice like:

”The interview world is no place for a cheap, ugly tie.”  (Unfortunately, no one was there to cross-examine the judges.  Where exactly is the place for a cheap, ugly tie?  And by what criteria do you judge cheapness and ugliness?)

“I shouldn’t know anything about your underwear… bra straps are meant to be hidden”  (Actually, I think that bra straps are meant to hold up your bra.  Aside from that I don’t think they have any real purpose.)

“Khakis were invented for men who can’t match clothes” (If you really want to get into the history of how khakis were “invented”… they came into fashion at the height of western militarization, along with shoulder pads, for that matter.)

…and now for the real reason for a dress code:

“There are a lot of married men at law firms and you do not want to tempt them.”  (That’s right, you’re responsible for the chemical reactions happening  in someone else’s head.)

No matter how thickly (or thinly) veiled… it always comes down to women and sex.

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