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BAD ADVICE: Rules For A “Style-Challenged Man”

April 16, 2010
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In general, it’s probably best to avoid style advice on the internet, particularly if it’s only found on the internet.  Never the less, people like Kenny Mack still write useful articles like “How To Decide Which Jersey To Wear In Support of Your Favorite Team,” just in case you are incapable of choosing both your favorite player and your favorite number.

By some strange sequence of events I found myself at “How To Turn A Man From Slob To Presentable” [sic], an article basically written to back up the millions of misguided women who try to “change their man”.  You can’t say he wasn’t thoughtful, though; he also wrote an article on how to get over being dumped, you know, for after that “changing” doesn’t happen.

Here are my favorite bits:

In Steps 7 & 8 Kenny Mack assumes that the slovenly man has a “starched white shirt” hanging readily in his closet and also has an acceptable, up-to-date suit to go with it.  …seems like a bit of a leap of faith considering that in Step 4 Mr. Mack advises taking a “hot shower” before getting ready in the morning, and also reminds readers to “clean the mess out of the sink” after shaving and trimming nails.

But, as we all know, the real test of whether a man has class is the order in which he puts on his undergarments:

“Step 6: Put on clean underwear, socks, and t-shirt or tank – in that order.”

(Can we all agree that men look pretty funny in just their underwear and socks?  Socks after pants, please, gents!  …and for that matter, ladies too!)

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  1. Forget Me Nots permalink
    July 12, 2010 9:57 am

    brilliant, i like the comedy with it all, let’s just hope he was taking the piss…at least with the need to tell men the dressing order! 😛

  2. November 16, 2010 10:05 am

    I read the article – wow, how patronising was that?! It was quite funny how he assumed that the guy would a. own a suit that fits and makes him look good, b. owned a shirt (a starched and ironed one at that!) and c. needs instructions on how to wear it! Surely if a man owns such items, he doesn’t need this kind of help.

    I know there are a few exceptions, but come on, most men aren’t that bad! Are they…?

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