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Dress Like It’s 1923

April 15, 2010

Everyone loves a good flapper dress, but the “roaring 20s” were nearly a hundred years ago, so I think most people would agree that styles, along with civil rights, have progressed healthily since then.

That is, with the exception of an Oregonian law put on the books by a supporter of the KKK in 1923, which bars teachers from wearing religious clothing in the classroom.  Luckily for everyone who is incensed by being told what to wear, and when to wear it, it’s in the midst of being lifted.

Rep. Sara Gelser said “Abolishing this law will recognize that we can allow people to adhere to their religious faith and ensure that our public schools maintain religious neutrality in our schools.”  (The general focus is that this would allow teachers to wear yarmulkes or headscarves in the classroom.)

I am all for letting people wear what they want, but do Christmas sweaters count?  Because those shouldn’t be allowed anywhere.

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