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Pi Phi Sorority Dress Code

April 13, 2010

Unless you’re a personal stylist, you rarely get to force your personal tastes on to large groups of people, or anyone, really.

Obviously someone in Cornell’s Pi Phi Sorority took the opportunity and out came her personal style manifesto, which the whole sorority will now take into account.

The dress code has lots of high lights, but among my favorite are:

“No: Frumpy blouses”

(Not going to give any clues as to what you think “frumpy” is?)

“Yes: Heels.  PRETTY HEELS.”

(Again, no clues?)

“No: Satin.  No one looks good in satin unless it’s from Betsey Johnson or Dolce and Gabbana, you weight less than 130 pounds, you have 3 pairs of spanks on, and it’s New Years Eve.”

(At least she explains herself here!)

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