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A Cleavageless Prom…

April 13, 2010

Asheville Erwin High School is cracking down on prom dresses!  Cleavage will not be permitted this year, along with short skirts and long slits.

Somehow, the “cleavage issue” has never seemed fair.  Cleavage has a lot to do with your size, and… well… maturity…  so a dress on one girl may give her loads of cleavage, while the same dress doesn’t do a thing to another girl’s bust line.  This was the route the librarians at my high school took (except Mrs. E, who’s wonderful).  It was an often stated fact that larger girls should wear more covering shirts when they entered the library than the skinny ones.  I’ve never really had a “cleavage issue”, but never the less this was so infuriating that my friends and I planned to flash the librarians on the final day of classes before graduation.  In the end there didn’t seem to be a way to flash only the mean, old librarians with archaic views on human flesh without also flashing Mrs. E… so in the end we bailed.

While the “cleavage issue” has obviously gotten the most press in this high school prom dress code the harshest part of the code involves the boys:

“a tux or sport coat with dress shirt, tie, slacks and coordinating dress shoes.”

You realize that you’re asking 17 year old boys to pick out shoes that coordinate with their suit, right?!

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