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April 3, 2010

Oxford High School, in Alabama, disciplined 25 students for breaking the dress code set for their Prom last weekend.

The Prom dress code bans “slits more than four inches above the knee and there must be no revealing neck lines or back lines. The dresses can be sleeveless or strapless, provided all body parts from the shoulder to the knee are covered.”

(Wait.  How can a dress be strapless and also cover everything from the shoulders down?  I don’t know about the kids in Alabama, but my armpits are below my shoulders.)

Now while the students had very little choice in what they wore to their prom, they were given a choice in how they were punished for violating the dress code…  a three-day suspension or “corporal punishment.”  (yeah, it’s legal in Alabama, and about 19 other states!)

Given the sunny, high 80s weather in Oxford, AL, and… well… the creepiness of being spanked at 18-years-old by your principal… I’d take the three days off.

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