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As if Having Dress Codes in Real Life Weren’t Bad Enough

April 2, 2010
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Gartner, Inc., a consulting firm, is suggesting that companies that hold real meetings in the virtual world should enforce an avatar dress code.  It appears that more and more companies are doing business in the virtual world since the real world economy has limited travel budgets.  And also because speaker-phone just isn’t quite as entertaining as Second Life.

Unfortunately Gartner, Inc. is encouraging businesses to take a little of the fun out of a Second Life meeting.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to find out that their boss’s avatar looked like this?Amanda Linden, head of the Second Life Work brand, wrote on her blog: “If virtual work is to be taken seriously, then our avatars need to look–and act–as professional as we do in a physical workplace.”

So, the real question is: Is virtual work to be taken seriously?

And what sort of work would you need to conduct in order to appropriately utilize the Evil Tree Woman avatar?

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