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“You Can Smarten Your Mind and Your Skirts if You’re Motivated.”

March 28, 2010

Niigata school district campaign poster to lengthen skirts

…or at least that’s what a Japanese ad campaign says.  The Niigata school district has started a campaign to encourage girls to wear longer school uniform skirts, arguing that short skirts could attract the attention of criminals and molesters.

This reminds me of that ad campaign around 1997, when I was in middle school, to get girls to wear tight jeans rather than the baggy grunge jeans we were wearing at the time.  This particular ad campaign’s main message was that it was more difficult to get raped if you were wearing tight jeans (as in: tight jeans are harder to get off) – which was a rather disturbing argument, particularly when you’re 13.  I’m not sure what the statistics say about baggy vs. tight jeans, but claiming that clothing can cause or prevent rape is never a good place to start, and depending on your current tastes in fashion you can make the argument in any direction you’d like.

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