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Superheros and Flight Attendants

March 28, 2010
The new ‘Ideal Org’ Scientology uniforms

A uniform to start off the work week…

Richard Tyler, the LA-based designer of the Delta flight attendant uniform fiasco (more on that below), recently designed new  20-piece  uniforms for Scientology’s ‘Ideal Org’ churches.  Aside from looking like cultish-vampire-superheros (yes – complete with red lined cape!), the new uniforms oddly resemble flight attendants.

As you may remember, when Northwest (and their union) merged with Delta a little over a year ago there was an uproar over some of the uniform dress codes that still hasn’t been completely resolved.

  • Women over a dress size 18 were not allowed to wear the red dress uniform option (and one could easily argue this was the best uniform option!)
  • Flight Attendants who needed to wear orthopedic shoes had to first obtain a doctors note (like you did in elementary school!) and then they could only wear the uniform pants with their shoes and not the skirt or dress options.

I’d also like to note that the average American woman is 5’4″, 145lb, and wear a size 12-14, which really isn’t too far from a size 18.  Not to mention that wrap style dresses with that ruching at the waist generally look great on larger women.

Richard Tyler’s infamous Delta red dress
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